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Why Use Natural Deodorants

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It happens to the best of us at some point – we leave the house and notice a stink under our armpits. We hope that nobody notices until we can get home and use our favorite deodorant. During this embarrassing moment, we want something powerful. If you are switching to non-toxic living, using natural deodorant can be intimidating. However, even in emergency situations, natural deodorants can provide all of the perks of aluminum-based anti-perspirants plus more!

Avoid the Chemicals

There are 10,000 chemicals lurking in your everyday beauty products – this includes aluminum-based anti-perspirants. The chemicals include aluminum, parabens, steareths, triclosan, propylene glycol, TEA and DEA, and artificial colors. Sure – the deodorant might be making you smell better but these dangerous chemicals can cause serious health problems.

Natural Benefits – Inside and Out

Your skin absorbs at least a thousand times its own weight. This means that anything you put on your skin can affect your organs, nervous system, etc. Most natural deodorants are scented with organic essential oils and often, charcoal. Putting beneficial ingredients on your skin treats your skin inside and out.

Doesn’t Block Pores

Common ingredients in natural deodorant are shea butter, coconut oil, and organic essential oils. These ingredients do not block your pores like anti-perspirants. A common misconception is that sweat causes body odor. This is not true. When sweat mixes with the bacteria on your body, it can stink. The ingredients in natural deodorant kills bacteria to prevent body odor when you sweat. Natural deodorants help control bacteria growth in your armpits.

While you may not recognize the benefits of natural deodorants immediately, your long-term help can profit greatly. Herb’s Daughter has a selection of travel and full-sized natural deodorants. Check out our organic skin care today!

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