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For future at-home classes:

I am focusing on private at-home classes.  Choose the types of products you would like to make and we will have a fun, hands-on aromatic class designed for you and your friends and family.  We can make up  3 items the price is $40.00 each which includes instruction, recipes and all the supplies and resources to make them.  Each participant leaves the class with all products, ready to use!

Here are many choices:

Intro to Melt and Pour (Glycerin) Soap Making

We will make a 2-layered soap with dried botanicals, colorants and essential oils. You will leave the class with a soap, ready-to-use, and all the information necessary to make your own soap at home. Shower not included!

Espresso Yourself!

Coffee has so many wonderful qualities for beauty. In this class, we will make a coffee soap, incredible moisturizing mocha espresso lip balm, and a coffee facial and hand scrub. Just yummy!

For the Love of Lavender

Learn the secrets of making incredible healing bath salts, lavender roll-on perfume, lip balm, and a lavender soap. Leave the class with enough to transform your home into a peaceful happy place.

Make a Mint

In this do-it-yourself class, we will take inspiration from all kinds of mints! We will make chocolate mint foot scrub, spearmint glycerin soap, peppermint lip balm and a special wild mint herbal perfume.

Lotions and Potions

With the abundances of wild herbs and plants growing in the Willamette Valley, we will create a nourishing and rich salve along with an herbal roll-on for headaches and a soothing bath tea. You will take home your special creations to be used for healing the skin.

.Herbal Gifts for the Holidays        

We will make Lavender lip balm, exfoliating coffee hand and body scrub, rose and eucalyptus bath salts and a roll-on herbal perfume.

Cuckoo for Coconuts

Coconut has so many wonderful properties. We will make the following products using amazing coconut:

Herbal Deodorant, Coconut Lime Lip Balm, Coconut Milk Facial Mask, and Coconut Salve.

Cocoa Chanel:

Chocolate Cinnamon Exfoliating Soap, Mint Chocolate Lip Balm, Chocolate Sugar Scrub, Energizing Mocha Mud Masque

Herbal Gifts for Valentines

Rose Petal or lemon poppy seed heart-shaped soap, Herbal Room/Body Spray, Fragrant Powder, eucalyptus rosemary bath salts or rosemary bath tea.

Herbal Medicine Cabinet

Pain roll-on, lotion bar, facial toner, Herbal “Vapo Rub”, deodorant

It’s all about the Face

Learn how to create wonderfully scented herbal treatments designed just for your face! In just two hours you will learn how to make a gentle facial soap, an herbal facial toner, a soothing lip balm and an exfoliating facial scrub out of walnuts! Leave class with all these products plus the skills to make them own your own!

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