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The reviews are in, and Herb’s Daughter’s custom soaps and artisan skin-care products are becoming the first choice for people who want the best for their skin.

Affordable Pampering


Herb’s Daughter Soaps are a delightful and affordable bit of pampering… the lovely essential oils are soothingly scented and relaxing, and make your skin feel great. There are so many shapes, sizes and scents to choose from that you can use them to add a grace note to your décor as well as perfume your bath. These soaps are special, and they make great gifts, too!

-Betsy R, Interior Designer

Satisfied Customer for Years


I love the decorator colors for my guest bathroom. My favorite scents for our regular bath soap are lemon and peppermint–they’re so refreshing! I like using Herb’s Daughter Soaps because of their high quality and the natural ingredients used. I’ve been a satisfied customer for many years. I love Herb’s Daughter lip balm–especially the peppermint. It keeps my lips soft and smooth and smells and tastes great.

-Phyllis L, Musician

IN LOVE With This Product


I purchased a travel-sized herbal deodorant from you at the event. I have such a tough time with sensitive skin, I couldn’t justify purchasing the large size until I’d tested it on my skin first. But after using it everyday since the event, I am IN LOVE with this product. It’s the first time I’ve used deodorant without having red bumps or severely itchy skin!




Last year, I bought soaps to give away as gifts, and everyone loved them, but I had only kept a few bars for myself. This year, I bought 20 for myself, and have kept them all! I had asked Roberta if she could make fennel-scented soaps, and she said, ‘no problem.’ I used the fennel for the first time this morning. It was GLORIOUS! It smelled so good! Like there was a fennel plant right in the bathroom with me! Those are absolutely my favorite. The mint is also wonderful, like washing your body in Andes mints. Mmmm!

-Joy P.

A Godsend For Me


I would like to take this opportunity without hesitation to endorse and provide a first-hand testimonial for Salve the Planet. The product has been a Godsend for me in avoiding skin breakdown and the possibility of bedsores. I have utilized the product daily for a number of years and avoided skin breakdown.

I have been quadriplegic for over 20 years, as a result of multiple sclerosis. Daily application of the product on potential areas where skin breakdown could occur has assisted in alleviating the problem. I would heartily recommend this product for alleviating similar problems wherever they might occur on the skin.

-Craig A

Really Great Shaving Soap


I haven’t posted online for several years at Badger and Blade. I had to share this. I’m at a little street fair in Portland Oregon. I notice a little Booth with a lady selling artisanal soaps. A closer look I notice a Badger Boar Omega brush, a mug and a puck of soap. I asked her about her soap for shaving and she seemed to know her stuff. Her soaps are mostly made from Goat’s milk. Normally I’ll support someone and buy a puck of soap. Frankly have always been disappointed compared to the big guys like MWF, PRoraso, Tabac etc. Well I bought a puck (refill) and it’s really great shaving soap! I’m really blown away and at 8 bucks for a puck. She’ll even fill your favorite mug if you want. You owe yourself a chance to try this great soap!


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