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Benefits of Lavender in Soap

Many of us take bathes to feel relaxed. The warm water, steam, and downtime is enough for us to forget the stresses of the day. Using soaps with lavender has an additional calming impact. Next time you take a long shower or bath, use a lavender soap to help relax. Lavender is one of the most sought-after herbs in custom lotion and soap.

In this article, we outline the benefits of lavender herbs in soap. Herb’s Daughter uses the highest quality organic herbs in all of our products.

Benefits of Organic Lavender Soap

Relieving Stress

Lavender soap is a calming aid. It is beneficial to use lavender before bedtime for deep relaxation for a good night’s sleep.

Antibacterial and Antiseptic

Forget the hand sanitizer gels! Lavender has strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties that are effective in treating your hand washing routine.

Sweet Fragrance

There is no denying the amazing smell of lavender soap. Pure lavender herbs can make you feel and smell amazing.

Pain Reduction

Lavender can act as an anti-inflammatory for pain relief. People suffering from acute back pain, headaches or arthritis may find relief from lavender’s properties.

Next time you are shopping for an herbal soap, consider lavender. Herb’s Daughter has a wide selection of high-quality lavender soaps to choose from. Shop our selection.

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