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Herbal Deodorant–Travel Size with Tea Tree .4 oz

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Herbal Deodorant:

1.  Nourishes the skin

2.  Provides hours of odor-free relief

3.  Smells great.

4.  For both men and women



1.  100% natural organic ingredients–no aluminum, fragrance oils, preservatives or petrochemicals.  No baking soda.

2.  Therapeutic grade essential oils

3.  Organic Calendula and sage leaves are infused in organic almond oil

4.  92 degree coconut oil which assures you a higher melted point.  This makes the deodorant last longer.


This herbal deodorant is a must-have for warm summer days.  After
experiencing two 100
degree days in a row here in the Pacific Northwest, this herbal
deodorant provided hours of freshness!  In this twist-up container, we
have added 92 degree coconut oil, beeswax, almond oil that has infused
sage and calendula.  Essential oils of tea tree, rosemary, lemongrass
and lime have been included due to their ability to fight bacteria,
fungus and viruses.  Zinc oxide and arrowroot help heal rashes and they
promote healthy skin healing.

Odor-eating lemongrass naturally turns purple.  You only need a little for it to work well

Available in 2.2 ounces also


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2 reviews for Herbal Deodorant–Travel Size with Tea Tree .4 oz

  1. Ginny Mcelhinny

    Ok I ‘ll add to my tbr then

    • Roberta

      I look forward to filling your order. You can place it at: herbsdaughter.net

  2. Denise V.

    I decided to try out this deodorant, and frankly, I was suspecting I would hate it and it wouldn’t work. But to my delight , this is the best deodorant I have ever used!!!! I work out at least once a day/ sometimes three and I haven’t smelled bad at all!…When using your formula, taking a shower didn’t require re-application (I know this because I forgot and smelled great!!)…I have tried most natural deodorants and they just are expensive and don’t work. Your formula and frankly your story (Herbs daughter) are just wonderful and I would love to order more. Your biggest fan,

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