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Large Sasquatch Big Foot Yeti Soap


Are you a seeker of Big Foot /Sasquatch?  I am sure your home or campsite wouldn’t be complete without a large Sasquatch Big Foot soap!  This 4.25 ounce herbal soap would make a great gift for seekers of Yeti or Big Foot and of course it would be perfect for you.

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Double Happiness Herbal Soap


We wish you double happiness with this amazingly beautiful herbal soap. Each of our custom soaps are made to your specifications–color, scent and design. Please look at all the many Asian-inspired herbal handmade soap. Each soap has an organic goat’s milk soap base in gentle glycerin without detergents or SLS.

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Mahjong Tile Fortune Soap

Mahjong Tile Soap “FORTUNE”


This Mahjong Tile Soap “Fortune”  is one of the most requested design.  The photo purposely is taken to show off the incredibly beautiful etchings that you will see on the 4 sides.  This Mahjong soap is a rectangle.  The soap is featured in a custom blend of vanilla and lemon but as with all the Herb’ Daughter products, you choose the color and essential oils to be added.  The wording on this soap tile says “Fortune.”  Choose from this design, Red Dragon and SOAP for all Mahjong players.

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Dragonfly with Cattail Soap

Dragonfly Summer Soap


This is the Dragonfly Summer soap design we feature, and certainly one of the most beautiful.  If you are a fan of dragonflies, you will just love this usual herbal soap with its asymmetrical design.  This would make a lovely addition to an Asian or an antique decor.  Consider the other Dragonfly soap designs that we have.  This soap is approx. 2.8 ounces.

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Sleeping Cat Soap


Are you a cat lover?  I bet you have friends who have cats!  This sweet sleeping cat soap is perfect for yourself and others who enjoy felines.  We also carry dog, puppy, horse and butterfly soaps for those with varying interested.  Choose from an assortment of colors and scents.

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Oatmeal and Honey Soap

Oatmeal Honey Healing Soap


Oatmeal and honey are great for the skin and oatmeal gives a “value” added as a gentle exfoliant.  This is one of the most popular additions to the Herb’ Daughter Custom Soaps collection.  .  The soap aroma will remind you of cookies, but please do not eat it!  Try this new soap and our other healing herbal soaps.  4 oz

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Indulgence Face and Body Cream

Indulgence Face and Body Cream


Indulgence Face & Body Cream is our most luxurious addition to our Herb’s Daughter line.  Apricot kernel oil is used for fine lines, sensitive skin and aging skin.  Shea butter is moisturizing but not greasy.  It provides light sun protection as well.  Gentle hints of vanilla and apricot make this a wonderful moisturizer for your face and body. Buy one for yourself and ones you love. 2 ounces

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Your Eyes Have It Coffee and Green Tea Eye Cream

Coffee and Green Tea Eye Cream “Your Eyes Have It”


Coffee and Green Tea Eye Cream  Your Eyes Have It, is just what the doctor ordered for puffy eyes. Coffee is known for it’s anti inflammatory properties. Organic green tea is added to support the eyes.  Both Coffee and Green Tea are natural constrictors, helping to shrink puffy eyes. Coffee is a natural skin brightener.  Your Eyes Have It helps to prevent stretch marks if used regularly on the skin which is great for moms-to-be AND body builders!!  You may find this product in the stores at three times the price. This may last over a year, too!  Check out Indulgence Hand and Body Lotion and other items for your hands and body at herbsdaughter.net 1 ounce

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Herbal Deodorant Tea Tree Hand Crafted 2.2 ounce


This herbal deodorant is a must-have for warm summer days.  After experiencing two 100
degree days in a row here in the Pacific Northwest, this herbal
deodorant provided hours of freshness!  In this twist-up container, we
have added 92 degree coconut oil, beeswax, almond oil that has infused sage and calendula.  Essential oils of tea tree, rosemary, lemongrass and lime have been included due to their ability to fight bacteria, fungus and viruses.  Zinc oxide and arrowroot help heal rashes and they promote healthy skin healing.

Available in both 2.2 ounces and our new travel size .40 ounces.

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Shower Melts Steamers (Menthol Eucalyptus)


If you are a person who prefers taking showers to baths and you love the aroma of menthol and eucalyptus Shower Melts Steamers to wake you up in the morning, this is your answer! Add the feeling of being in a spa with this new Herb’s Daughter product.  Each Herbal Shower Melt package (called Rise and Shine) adds a powerful punch to your morning or evening. All you need to do is put a scoop in the back of the shower or on a shelf. As the water hits it, you will have an amazing sensation! Great for flu and cold, this is a must-have for opening up your lungs! Please note–this is the only scent available at this time.  4-5 tablets in a package (4-5 showers).

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