Here is a sampling of some of the feedback we have received from our customers. Our sincere thanks to all who have sent kind words and thoughtful notes.

“Herb's Daughter Soaps are a delightful and affordable bit of pampering...the lovely essential oils are soothingly scented and relaxing, and make your skin feel great. There are so many shapes, sizes and scents to choose from that you can use them to add a grace note to your decor as well as perfume your bath.

These soaps are special, and they make great gifts, too. The Victorian soaps look like a garden party! Just what I wanted! Your packages and presentation is really great. What a wonderful effect when opening the box. I am giving them as Valentine's Gifts...they are sure to be very much appreciated. They are so romantic. I will be ordering more soon. I am particularly taken with the pale yellow/lemon scent! Yummy!”

Betsy R., Interior Designer, San Rafael, CA

“I know these wonderful products and can pass along the good news as I would a good friend; my sense of calm, well-being, and joy was enhanced after a long, quiet bath using the soaps from Herb's Daughter.”

Brigid R., Teacher / Artist, San Rafael, CA

“I was recently given an amazing gift, a tube of Lip Sync Lip Balm, and the product is awesome!

Made with all natural ingredients such as: almond oil, beeswax, Vitamin E, almond butter, and the essential oils of Lemon Lime and Stevia. The essential oils give the Lip Sync balm a subtle flavor while instantly moistening my lips.

I use a lip balm every day, several times a day. I put it on before using lipstick for a shiny look, I use it at night before bed, and anytime throughout the day as I feel my lips are dry. The other lip balms I've used have required several applications throughout the day, not so with Lip Sync. Lip Sync has staying power!

My lips feel smooth, and moist, the balm tastes good and there are several flavors and combinations of essential oils to choose from. The all natural ingredients are free from animal testing, and the product is made locally, all important reasons for giving Lip Sync a try.

You won't be disappointed!!”

Julie, Independent Beauty Product Distributor, Portland, OR

“The soaps were a big hit. They made great stocking stuffers!”

Sarah T, Teacher, Portland, OR

“I had it on the shelves as a retail item and then decided to try it myself. Very nice aroma and lather. I thought it was very nice!So now, I might just leave it home from my own use....”

Joan B., Aesthetician, La Conner, Washington

“Last year I bought soaps to give away as gifts, and everyone loved them, but I had only kept a few bars for myself. This year, I bought 20 fennel (custom) soaps for myself and have kept them all. (Those are my absolute favorites!) The mint is also wonderful, like washing your body in Andes mints. Mmmmm.”

Joy P., Non-profit Coordinator, Half Moon Bay, CA

“The soaps are perfect! Beautiful! I love them. You always include a special treat! It's exciting to open the box and not only see the order, but to find a pleasant surprise. You do great work!”

Kathe M., Retired School Financial Manager, San Rafael, CA

We gave our soaps to our friend last week at our final class for the year. Wish we could send you a photo of the expressions on her face. I deliberately stacked them in one of those open gift bags: Peace Dove on top, then Yin Yang, then Star of David. Our friend was really touched when she got to the star.

I went over to my friend's house yesterday to view her soaps. Man alive, what an awesome display - covered half her dining room table. Every single one of them is exquisite. She had such fun telling me which one was for who and why. Such perfect match-ups. And she's so thrilled that almost all her holiday shopping is done.”

Georgia, Health Instructor, Novato, CA

“I think my husband eats them in the shower rather than simply soaping up. He loves them all!”

Melissa S Acupuncturist and Naturopath, Hood River, OR